Stop Giving Up On The Things You Want.

How to become more consistent in sales...and in life.

People that lack consistency, focus and self discipline are mentally weak.  

This isn’t a judgement, it’s a fact.  Yet many of us don’t realize that changing this is a lot simpler than we think.

When you want to become physically stronger, what do you do?  Exercise. Lift weights, cardio, etc.

When you want to become mentally stronger, what do you do? Active Meditation.


Active meditation is the mental exercise that will change your life (and your sales.)

They key to consistency and self-discipline is becoming aware of what you want and being able to focus on it over a sustained period of time.  

When unavoidable bull-shit gets in the way, being able to quickly and efficiently become aware of it and push (focus) through it allows us to stay on track.

Focus and awareness are muscles in our brain similar to how biceps and quadriceps are muscles in our body.

Bicep curls and squats strengthen our body.  Active meditation strengthens our brain.  

Can I make this any simpler?

Why the active in active meditation?

The idea that meditation is beneficial is something you already know.  So then why don’t you do it?

Reason #1. You’re lazy (you lack focus and awareness)

Reason #2. You don’t understand how.

Reason #3. You don’t have time.

The problem with regular meditation is simply the idea that sitting around for 20 minutes each morning in a quiet, secluded place isn’t that realistic for many of us.

Even for those of us that can find the time, we often realize the benefits during the practice and then go about our day, in some ways, forgetting to apply it.

For meditation to work, it needs to be integrated into our daily lives in a simple, repeatable, active way.


Try it for yourself.

If you’re serious about becoming more mentally fit through active meditation, I can help you with reasons #2 and #3 above.  

I can also guarantee that if you give it a fair shot, reason #1 will no longer exist in active meditation, your sales process or any other areas of your life.

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