Your average Joe that’s in the process of becoming much more than average

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Know Me.

I’ve lived in 8 cities across the world and have traveled to many more.  Something about being somewhere new and different ignites me yet I find myself recently becoming equally excited about the idea of settling down, buying a house and starting a family.


I met the girl of my dreams while living in Dubai – Natalie.  Her Scottish accent aside, she’s one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.  Like everyone else, we have our good days and not so good days but we always end up on the same team.

I’ve learned a lot and struggled plenty throughout my life.  During my work in coaching, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I’m far from alone in both what I want and what holds me back.  My realization that, in most cases, we all want and struggle with the same things has inspired me to help others connect the dots in their lives.

Above all; although I believe everything in life happens for a reason, I’m coming to realize that I actually have a lot more control over my story than I once thought possible – so do you!